West Northants Council Strategic Plan - Spatial Consultation

West Northants Council has prepared a plan which shows heavy development in housing in and around the Parish over the next 30 years, this will have a serious impact on life in Quinton. As residents have an opportunity to give your opinion on the plans. This must be done by 24 December.

Anyone wishing to view the plans should follow the link below.

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The Parish Council will be submitting an objection to the proposals, signed by the Chairman and expertly crafted by Peter Shellard, one of the Parish Councillors (you can see a copy in the section marked Parish Council Response below) The Parish Council suggest that as many residents, if so inclined, should also submit an objection.

You can see from the following slides the extent of these plans.

The area is marked as "43" in the centre of the above map.

This is the area Quinton side of the M1 on the left hand side of the Washbrook Lane, it extends to the left hand side of Wootton Road beyond Quinton towards Northampton. You may remember the Manor Oak proposed development was the field nearest to the Motorway (marked in pink).

The impact on the village will be extensive with a huge increase in traffic heading through the village to both Northampton and Milton Keynes.

No consideration has been given to the infrastructure pressures this will create in the area such as Traffic increase, School place availability, Doctors Surgeries to name a few.

The following picture indicates the developments proposed in the wider areas adjacent to Grange Park, the area behind Caroline Chisholm School and the area near to Hardingstone Lodge.

Re: Spatial Options Consultation for West Northamptonshire Strategic Plan

I write on behalf of Quinton Parish Council (QPC) to express our grave concerns regarding Spatial Option 1e in the above document.

In 2018-19 Manor Oak Homes, on behalf of the Courteenhall Estate, presented a scheme to develop 900 homes on three fields on the edge of Quinton. Officers at South Northants Council (SNC) advised them not to put forward the two fields nearest to Quinton but to concentrate on the field south of Grange Park, below Alamein Wood.

During 2019-20, in conjunction with Grange Park Parish Council (GPPC), we expressed a number of objections to this plan. The development was rejected by SNC Members in February 2020. It was then dismissed by the Planning Inspector on appeal in December 2020 because it was clearly in the wrong place, isolated, unsustainable, totally dependent on vehicular access, with unacceptable walking distances and inadequate public transport.

So it is with great disappointment and anxiety that we note the re-appearance of all three fields as part of Spatial Option 1e. If SNC Officers deemed that two of those fields were unsuitable for development, and one field was completely rejected by the Inspector a year ago, how can they now, realistically, become part of 1e? The objections raised at the time by QPC, GPPC, and over 160 residents of both parishes, are all still utterly valid.

We are equally concerned that 1e proposes to join the Manor Oak Homes plan with one put forward in 2017 by Barratt Homes for 1200 homes wrapped around Caroline Chisholm School – a plan which was shelved by SNC. The 900 Manor Oak homes, plus the 1200 Barratt homes, make 2100 – but 1e now suggests 3000 homes could be built on the two pieces of land, a 50% increase in the number of properties originally proposed, and crossing Quinton Parish Council's boundary.

Spatial Option 1e therefore has alarming implications for residents of Quinton, and of our neighbouring parishes, for all sorts of reasons, including the following:

*the number of vehicles on site 1e would double, or even treble, the traffic on the narrow B and C roads north and south through Quinton village.

*this increase in traffic would put huge strain on the very narrow, windy and badly-kept road from Quinton to the A508 (Washbrook Lane), which was declared by the Planning Inspector not to be 'of the standard suitable to serve the level of development proposed'.

*Caroline Chisholm School is already oversubscribed, as are nearby primary schools, so 1,500 or more children on site 1e would have to be driven to schools elsewhere, or to newly built schools, thus creating yet more traffic on our roads, as well as more risk for children walking to and from existing local schools.

*considerable financial investment in new GP surgeries would be required, because the local GP surgeries do not have space for another 5,000 people from 1e.

*the tiny Wootton Brook would bear the brunt of excess run-off water from 2,000 homes built above it, which a 'soakaway' could not possibly mitigate.

*the sewerage system in this area could not accommodate this increase in population.

*considerable financial investment in public transport would be required, but that would merely aggravate the local traffic congestion.

*destroying perfectly serviceable green fields and obliterating the 'healthy gap' between Grange Park and Quinton would hardly 'present a more sensitive edge to the countryside in this part of Northampton' (Plan p.16).

We also join with our colleagues at Grange Park Parish Council in feeling that 1e has been put forward not as the result of a serious consideration of whether this development is actually needed, or is in the right place, or is sustainable in the long run, but because the land is available.

In summary, Spatial Option 1e threatens the very existence of Quinton as a rural community, has severe drawbacks as briefly outlined above and is in no way suitable for inclusion in WNC's Strategic Plan.

Yours sincerely

Peter Collyer

Chairman, Quinton Parish Council

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