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Community PLAYback Project

Community PLAYback Project – Mixing Matters – Community Street Play South Northants Youth Engagement (SNYE) have secured funding from the London Marathon Charitable Trust, via the Northamptonshire Community Foundation to deliver a Community Street Play project across the South Northants District This project will seek to offer 'Doorstep Opportunities' and bring Communities together to reclaim their Streets for Play, Activity and to improve Community Bonding Research shows that playing out on a street near their homes is vital to children's health and wellbeing. Play England research has found that 71% of adults played in the street or area near their home everyday when they were a child, only 21% of children do so today.

SNYE will deliver 10 events at various locations across the South Northants Council area and we are now looking for both locations in which to deliver the project and local Community Champions / Playmakers to maintain the project moving forward (Full Volunteer support will be offered) The events will be delivered in Spring 2021 If your Community / Location would like to host one of these events and continue the project moving forward please contact Martin Gillett, Project Manager martin.gillett@oxonplay.org.uk / 07436 270267 This project will be based on the Playing Out model delivered in Bristol, for further information please visit www.playingout.net

Posted: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 13:07 by John Scott

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