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The Village Hall


In conjunction with 'Comedy at Work' your committee is promoting a

COMEDY NIGHT on Friday 3rd April.

Some of you may know and have been to one of these events that was held at Hartwell recently. We will have 5 comedians, with a range of styles to suit all tastes. A bar will be operating and we anticipate a lively, enjoyable evening. Look out for publicity to come shortly, but it's never too soon to 'save the day' and get your tickets (interest is already high and remember we have limited audience space!).

Tickets are available online at the following address:


Ticket price is £ 12.50, but if you use the following promotional code:


you will get a 20% discount - what a great deal at £ 10 only !

(NOTE: a 50p booking fee applies)

Paper tickets will be available to anybody suffering from 'internetphobia'!

Don't miss out on this special event.

An early bird, eager to cast his vote !
An early bird, eager to cast his vote !

Village Hall Events - Diary Dates

The Village Hall Committee meeting in January 2020 was given over mainly to event planning for the year ahead, but we also said a sad goodbye to Frances Piercy – very many thanks to her for many decades of selfless service.   

We have a full programme of events in the diary now, including:

April - Comedy Night

May – Pub Evening – complete with a pub quiz, pub games and bar snacks

September – Movie Night

October – Annual Village Quiz

November – Winter Fair (provisional)

Firm dates for these events will be announced over the coming weeks, and we do hope that lots of you will be able to attend at least one.

Recent resignations have left us very short handed, and we’d love to hear from anyone interested in joining the committee. It’s not that onerous – we meet a few times a year to arrange the running of the hall and organise 2/3 annual fundraising and community events typically. Without these activities, the hall would have to close – a real loss to the village. If the idea of committees brings you out in a cold sweat, you could instead offer to become a “friend” of the hall – a group of people that help with our events if they’re able. Either way, any volunteers are very welcome – please drop a line to the Secretary on emma_wise100@hotmail.com if you may be able to help.

Kitchen Facilities
Kitchen Facilities

Hall Hire

Quinton Village Hall is available to hire by non-residents for private events, leisure activities (e.g.- dance, fitness) education classes, etc. We have a newly extended kitchen, with facilities and utensils available to self-cater hot meals or buffets for up to 60 seated covers. Guideline hire fees as follows (for non-residents):-

Adult Event - £ 70

Children's Party - £ 50

Charity Event - £15

Minimum Hourly Rate - £ 15

Please note that the hire rates exclude electricity costs for main hall heating, hot water service and large kitchen equipment (ovens & hob) - these are served via a pay-meter which accepts £1 coins.

In the rare event that you encounter any problems with your hire, please record these on the relevant page in the diary situated in the kitchen, and we will take appropriate action.


 Please note that Ann Bull is the bookings secretary, and her contact details are:-
Mobile: 07779 - 594 913 - email: ann@annmbull.com


How to find Quinton Village Hall

5 School Lane,


Northampton NN7 2EA

The 1959 Deed of Sale and Conveyancing Document for the village hall.