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Quinton Parish Council


Land South of Grange Park.

The planning application for 330 dwellings south of Grange Park has been determined by SNC. The Parish Council strongly objected to the application and we are pleased to announce that this met with some considerable success. 

At the recent  SNC Planning Meeting that was held on Thursday 6th February 2020, the Planning Committee, against the recommendation of their own Planning Officers, voted unanimously, with one abstention, to REJECT the application.

Our decision to appoint our own Planning Consultant proved to be the correct course of action. We would like to thank our Planning Consultants Nigel Ozier and Andrew Gray who did an amazing amount of work on our behalf. 

We would also like to thank our District Councillor, Bob Atkinson and our County Councillor, Michael Clarke who worked tirelessly to support our Objections.

 The work carried out and statements delivered  by District Councillors Andrew Grant ( Grange Park ) and Steve Hollowell ( Brafield and Yardley ) were of significant importance.

 Peter Shellard, on behalf of the Residents of Quinton, delivered an outstanding contribution to the objection before the Planning Committee on the day - thank you Peter.

Quinton Parish Council's Response to the application for 330 dwellings on land South of Grange Park

Suggested bullet points for residents to use in their objections

Land to the rear of St John the Baptist Church Quinton

In August 1999 Quinton Parish Council fenced and took possession of the land to the rear of St John The Baptist Church Quinton, which  runs through to School Lane.

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