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New Legislation regarding Public Sector Web Sites

The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications ) Accessibility Regulations 2018 requires public sector bodies, which includes local councils, to ensure reasonable adjustments are made to websites so they are accessible to people with various disabilities. These include:


Impaired Vision

Motor difficulties

Cognitive impairments or learning disabilities

Deafness or impaired hearing.


Quinton Parish Council website is currently non-compliant, and the council is working towards compliance, but this may take some time to complete. It is envisaged that the website will be, in the main, compliant within 12 Months, so by September 2021, there are some exemptions to the legislation.


There is a lot of work involved and the website is currently under evaluation to determine if the changes place a disproportionate burden on the council and what actions if any need to be undertaken.


There are two phases to the plan,


Evaluation Phase, this is underway, and the legislation is being considered and an external company may  be employed to make the necessary evaluation of the website and the cost for making the site compliant. They will also determine a more accurate timeframe for the work involved.


The council will then decide on how the changes, if any, are funded. This could be via the Precept, reserves or grants. This will depend largely on the overall cost of the work to get the site compliant. It may include migrating to a new web site format.


The council will evaluate corrective options and a new Web Site costs to determine the best solution.


Remedial Phase, this would include a list of any work necessary to comply with the regulation, excluding the exemptions. It would also include a time frame including and end date for the work. If a new Web Site is the preferred route, then this timetable would also be included.



If in the meantime you require any information or documents in a different format to those on the site, please contact the Clerk.