Quinton Parish Council


Dog Poo

Misuse of Village Hall & Church blue recycling bins
Please DO NOT put dog poo bags in the blue recycling bins. On several occasions the blue bins have either not been emptied at all because of the inappropriate content or the dog bags have been removed by the waste contractors and left at the side of the road. This not only means that bins are being left unemptied but is also a health hazard to all.

Sewerage Works Access Road

The lane to the sewage works is not a public right of way. The gate at the top of the lane is now locked. This is to improve security for the houses and gardens which back onto it. Should you need access to the Village Store please contact Alison Benson or Tim Bull

Blocked Sewers

We have had problems with the sewers getting blocked in the Village. Please do not put anything you shouldn't down the toilet. This includes baby wipes which are a big cause of our problems.

Thank you

Speedwatch 2019

Quinton has taken part in the above which was extended last year to include 40-mph zones. The Wootton to Salcey road was monitored during morning and evening sessions over two one-week periods. The majority of drivers were found to be respecting the speed limits, but a few number were reported. Statistics will be made available to us by the Speedwatch team in due course.


Full details can be found at: http://www.northants.police.uk/page/community-speed-watch

Speeding is a major concern for all of us please volunteer so that we can try and make a difference and protect our residents and visitors.