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Quinton Parish Council

Quinton Parish Council Documents

Quinton Parish Council Documents

Records of the Quinton Parish Council as from May 2017 are linked below. For earlier records of any other queries please contact the Parish Clerk, John Scott.


Draft Minutes 15 September 2020 - Draft Minutes of the Council Meeting

Minutes 19 August 2020 - Draft minutes of the Planning Meeting

Minutes 21 July 2020 - Draft minutes of the meeting 21 July 2020

Minutes 19 May 2020 - Draft minutes of the meeting 19 May 2020

Minutes 17 March 2020 - Draft Minutes of the meeting 17 March 2020

Minutes 21st January -Minutes of the meeting 21st January

Minutes 19th November 2019 - Minutes of the meeting 19th

Minutes 17th Sept 2019 - Minutes of the meeting 17th Sept

Minutes 16th July 2019 - Minutes of the meeting 16th July 2019

Amended Budget 2019-20 - Amended budget and first 3 months figures 2019-20

Minutes 3rd June 2019 - Minutes of the Meeting 3rd June 2019

Minutes 21st May 2019 - Minutes of the 21st May Annual Council meeting

Minutes 7th May 2019 - Minutes of the 7th May meeting

Minutes March 2019  :: Minutes of the March meeting.

Minutes February 2019 :: Minutes of the extraordinary meeting 

Minutes January 2019 :: Minutes of the January meeting.  

Minutes November 2018 :: Minutes of the November meeting.     

Budget 2019-20 Approved :: Budget for 2019-20 approved by Council 

Minutes October 2018 :: Minutes of the October meeting.

Minutes 2018 09 18 :: Minutes of the September 2018 meeting. 

Minutes 2018 07 17 :: Minutes of the July meeting. 

Minutes 2018 05 15 :: Minutes of the  May 2018 meeting

Minutes 2018 04 25 :: Minutes of the April 2018 meeting 

Minutes 2018 03 20 :: Minutes of the meeting 20th March 2018. 

Minutes 2018 02 06 :: Minutes of the February 2018 meeting

Minutes 2018 01 16 :: Minutes of the January 2018 meeting. 

Minutes November 2017 :: Minutes of the November 2017 meeting  

Approved Budget 2018-19 :: Approved budget 2018-19 

Minutes September 2017 :: Minutes of the September Parish Council meeting 

Minutes 9th August 2017 :: Minutes of the Planning Meeting 9th August 2017

Minutes 18th July 2017 :: Minutes of the Full Parish Council meeting 18th July 2017 

Minutes 16th May 2017 :: Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 16th May 2017

Policies & Procedures

Standing Orders :: Standing orders are the written rules of Quinton Parish Council. They are used to confirm the Council's internal organisational, administrative and procurement procedures and procedural matters for meetings.

Website Policy :: The Website Policy confirms how the website will be operated and should be read in conjunction with the Social Media policy.

Financial Regulations :: The Financial Regulations govern how the Council conducts its finances and complies with the Accounts and Audit Regulations.

Internal Controls :: QPC Internal Controls Terms of Reference

Community Fund Policy :: QPC Community Fund Policy

Freedom of Information :: Freedom of Information details and procedure as to what information members of the public can request from the Council and how to request it.

Complaints Procedure :: How complaints about the Council can be made and how the process works.

Risk Review :: Identifies and tries to minimise any risk to the Council

Safeguarding Policy :: Safeguarding Policy

Code of Conduct :: Sets out the standard of conduct expected of our Councillors

Internal Control Table :: Details the checks that the Council's Internal Control Councillors undertake.

Scope & Nature of Internal Control & Internal Audit :: Identifies how both internal control & internal audit of the Council will operate.

Data Protection Policy :: Data Protection Policy adopted by Quinton Parish Council

Data Breach Policy :: Data Breach Policy adopted by Quinton Parish Council

Records Retention Policy :: Records Retention Policy adopted by Quinton Parish Council

Additional Information

If you would like further details about Quinton Parish Council records please contact the Clerk, John Scott via email at